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This day, my family woke me up 30 minutes before departure time and I seriously lost my cool. Usually, it takes me a minimum of two hours to get ready. I didn’t run around the house, surprisingly since I have prepared my outfit the day before, which is something new for me. *laughs*

(Excuse my mahangin-sa-labas-everyday hair)

This whole ensemble only cost me Php186.00. Livin’ thriftily and frugally, yo.

thrifted knitted top, thrifted skirt, mask necklace from AI Online Shop, Fioni heels (gifted), black clutch (gifted)

Asking someone to be my photographer was a bit of a challenge so most of the photos are self-taken (ft. different lightings and settings).


Every time I would wear this knitted top, people would ask me if I did the holes myself. Nope, I bought it for Php 50.00 and it had shoulder holes already.




I got the dark blue skirt because a) I needed more skirts in my closet;  b) It’s blue, no question; c) It was only Php100.00 (why not?).


AI Online Shop is now my go-to shop for accessories since they offer charming accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, watches, and many more. They also offer beautiful garments, bags and shoes. I like how affordable the items in their shop is (this necklace costs Php36.00), and how convenient it is to shop on the site. The staff are also accommodating and (really, really) nice, which makes the processes easier.

The last time I shopped there, I got necklaces, earrings, a ring and a watch. It cost me not more than Php500.00.

So visit their website at aionlineshop.com.ph and start shopping!

And in replacement of my routinary tea-drinking photo, I will share the unfocused photo of my baby yarn…

(Wow, camera… great job! Thank you for focusing on the road…)

…and this photo of my sister “fashion-blogger-posing” in the car.

If I post a selfie… will anyone judge me?

(Judge me)

Okay, I’m currently working on new CozyHead designs so feel free to contact me if you have orders. ^_^

x, Ida

I feel like reminiscing again (lol) I regret not enrolling in fashion design earlier&#8230; cause it being a great experience would be an understatement. Neverending thanks to Pat Eusebio for being my model ♥ photo from: @sharina_tan

I feel like reminiscing again (lol) I regret not enrolling in fashion design earlier… cause it being a great experience would be an understatement. Neverending thanks to Pat Eusebio for being my model ♥ photo from: @sharina_tan

DIY: Printed Stockings/Tattoo Tights

If you have been eyeing that pair of stockings online but deeply sigh after scanning the price, this DIY tutorial would definitely help you with your longing. I’m totally price-conscious so I had to find a way to get myself some printed stockings.

This DIY is the first on my Christmas Break DIY Checklist  (which is so overdue….. smh, Ida).

"If I don’t finish everything by the resumption of classes, I will laugh at myself and continue in January 2014." I laughed at myself, yes.



1: Think of how you’d want your stockings to look like. I looked for inspirations online and thought of creating four stockings with the following designs: diamonds, birds, bows and cats. Use your imagination to visualize your tights. (I have only finished making the diamonds one because of 3 reasons: 1. School work, 2. Lack of old stockings, 3. School work…..) ((strike 1))

2: Anyway, the next step is to draw or print your desired design on cardboard paper. Kindly print it on fast draft to save ink. (lol thrifty Ida to the rescue)

3: Wear your stockings and mark where you’d want your designs to be with a tailor’s chalk or any washable marking material. Here, I used board chalk.

Special thanks to my sister for wearing the stockings. (I was too lazy to stand up uhuh Ida’s logic)

Note: I thought board chalk could be removed from nylon stockings by rubbing but I thought wrong (strike 2)… I had to wash my tights before I got to wear them.

4: Insert the board paper with your design in the stockings. You may cut the paper a bit if you’re having a hard time. We ran out of board so I tried using index cards.

Note: Curious about what I used as “cardboard”? Well, my index cards were weak (strike 3…..) and couldn’t stretch the stockings so I got the hardest thing close to me.

5: Carefully trace your design with the fabric marker.

6: You can let it dry before washing it or wear it right after.

In just a couple of steps, you’ll have your very own printed stockings but the steps depend on the design. If you want a darker shade of the design, you can have a number of layers.

In the absence of a fabric marker, you may use a sharpie or stencils and textile paint instead. *wink*

For questions, comments, suggestions or DIY requests, you may comment below, tweet me or send me an ask here.

And!!! If you happen to try my DIYs, tweet me a photo or tag me on instagram: @_idasiasoco

I will try and make Tattoo Tights: K-pop Edition and I bet it won’t be soon but if you have requests on what group symbol to create, feel free to message me.

x, Ida

Pyrotechnics: Welcoming 2014 (2/2)

I separated my New Year post since one post would be too long.

Here are the photos of our trip to Taal Vista Hotel. (We didn’t stay there, we just wanted dessert, haha.)

(ft. Ida’s brother)

The place was really nice, I didn’t want to leave.

(Another) Warning: The following photos may display huge volume of hair and an egg-shaped face. /wink/

Obviously, I wasn’t ready.

Special thanks to the wind for completing my "mahangin sa labas" look.

  • Thrifted sweater, DIY-ed shorts, creepers from People Are People

I shouldn’t have brought my bag to the field… it kind of ruins the look but I didn’t want to be parted with the pocket wifi, haha!

(also ft. Ida’s sisters)

I would also like to thank my sister for taking photos of myself, awkwardly posing.

Four for you, Iya. You go, Iya.

And since I accidentally deleted the photo of me drinking green tea (part 2), here have some random photos instead.

Two of the things that keep me sane: green tea and crochet.

Happy New Year!

x, Ida.

Pyrotechnics: Welcoming 2014 (1/2)

The word ‘pyrotechnics’ is cool it sounds like an acrobatic act or something, haha! 

I was about to post the drafts of my Christmas Break DIY posts but I realized the absence of photos haha (smooth). In exchange, I would just post some photos my sister and I took during our trip to Tagaytay for the New Year.

I’m not sure if I would consider this as an outfit post, the photos aren’t clear lol.
Warning: the following photos may display huge volume of hair… aka my mane.

My sister’s bag from Mango

We just stayed in our room until New Year came and I screamed random names from the balcony while watching fireworks. Later that day, I had my mandatory “tea ceremony.” And by “tea ceremony” I mean me, just drinking green tea…

…while crocheting, of course. (I finally have a hook handle!)

Lastly, I would like to insert a photo of me drinking my beloved tea…

Happy New Year!

x, Ida.

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